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Solkie: Solana's Favorite Dog, Bringing Joy to the Blockchain!

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about Solkie

Solkie: the purple, laughing dog taking Solana by storm! More than just a token, it's your ticket to the happiest spot on the blockchain. Join the Solkie squad for a crypto adventure filled with laughter and good vibes. Because in our world, joy is the best currency!



Solkie's vision extends beyond being a token; it aims to serve as a dynamic force propelling the Solana blockchain to new heights. Central to this vision is the commitment to attract a diverse community to Solana, providing an accessible entry point through


By solkie

Solkie powers, boosting visibility for both SOLKIE & Solana projects.

Revenue split: 20% goes to Solkie holders with 1% or more of the supply, 10% goes to NFT holders & 20% to Solkie Marketing wallet.


Genesis NFT

Each Genesis NFT grants holders a special privilege: a 10% share of all revenue generated by Solkie's utilities, including the popular platform.

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Symbol: $solkie

Tax: 0/0

ca revoked

LP Burned

Total supply: 99,123,264

How to


You can purchase $SOLKIE in various different ways. We reccomend downloading Phantom Wallet, purchasing SOL, sending it to your phantom address and swapping using Phantom's in-app wallet, or on a decentralised exchange like Jupiter.

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